The Rise of Euthanasia

Last week I listened to this podcast from Bishop Barron, and this morning it was sent to my inbox … I am taking it as a indication that it needs to be shared.
We need to continue to pray that families realize the dignity of life and meaning of service and suffering.


Do we have a right to choose how and when we die? Should we be worried about the rapid rise of euthanasia, including in the United States?

Euthanasia has been in the news lately thanks to reports out of Canada, where last year, over 10,000 Canadians ended their lives via euthanasia. Those numbers are sure to go up, as Canada has loosened restrictions so that people can now choose euthanasia not only to avoid pain and suffering in the face of terminal disease, but simply for “mental health reasons.”

On today’s episode of the Word on Fire Show, Brandon Vogt and Bishop Barron discuss these alarming trends and how to make the case that life is worth living.

Click the video below to watch this week’s episode of the Word on Fire Show.

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