Let’s take a walk …

As we begin this celebration, we will light the Advent Wreath.

We remind ourselves that this is a candle that symbolizes hope.
Hope in the steadfast, never ending love of God.
Hope in the salvation that was made available to us through his Son.

Our story as Christians does not end, it is not complete with the birth of Christ, it is simply the beginning, like Advent, we are called to journey through life with Christ.

We need to have the Nativity of Jesus,
so we can see what a Christian life looks like,
so we can have the example of Jesus,
the example of the love he had for God the Father.
We need Christmas so we can have Easter,
so we can see how much God loves us,
what the gift of his Son really means to us and our salvation.

No Christ – No Eucharist

That is why it is important to take time to prepare, to we take time to reflect and refocus ourselves to God.

So that his Son may find a place to dwell in our lives.

We need to Know Christ,
so that we Know our Faith,
so that we Know the Eucharist.

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