How many times does God knock me off of my horse?

This morning during my regular prayer time … what I found myself reflecting on just how many times God knock me off of my house. I guess if I had a horse its name would be Pride, envy, gluttony, lust … I think you can recognize my pattern.

Today we celebrate the conversion of Saul … it is safe to say that we can all relate to his conversion … we all charge ahead on ideas, opinions and decisions that we believe are correct and true.

Here is a quote from Pope Francis for prayer and reflection

“[Paul] was consistent, because he was a man open to God. If he persecuted Christians, it was because he was convinced that God desired it. But how can that be? Never mind how: he was convinced of it. This is the zeal he carried for the purity of the house of God, for the glory of God. A heart open to the voice of the Lord. And he risked all, and charged ahead. Another characteristic of his actions is that he was a docile man – full of docility – and was not hard-headed.”


3 thoughts on “How many times does God knock me off of my horse?

  1. Paul was converted by God because Paul was open to God even though he persecuted Christians. So, the alt-right Christians today that persecute everyone that is not like them and are so zealous about God, believing they’re doing God’s work, like Paul, why are they not being converted by God? I can’t imagine that God wants anyone to hurt other people in His name but these people do think that’s what He wants.
    Are these people not truly open to God then?


  2. We must grow in the knowledge of Christ, One day at a time…sometimes one minute at a time.
    GOD, just for today, help me to be in likeness of you.
    Thanks for posting
    God bless your day,


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