August 10th 2022 – 2nd Anniversary of Ordination

Today as I begin my day, I am reminded that this is a special day. Today I celebrate my 2nd anniversary of ordination.I am sure that for most men, as they enter into the life of a permanent deacon, they can feel overwhelmed. Luckily over the last two years, I think everyone has felt overwhelmedContinue reading “August 10th 2022 – 2nd Anniversary of Ordination”

So how would you describe a Catholic Deacon?

Pope: “Deacons are the guardians of service in the Church” Pope Francis on Saturday met a group of permanent deacons from Rome Diocese and spoke to them about their role, which he said is not a substitution for a priest or a bishop. By Robin Gomes “The generosity of a deacon who spends himself withoutContinue reading “So how would you describe a Catholic Deacon?”

So how is Lent going to be different this year?

Like everyone else, I feel as though we have not stopped living Lent since March 2020, but we have. The liturgical year has carried on despite not being in step with the calendar year, or school & work year. That is what makes it even more important that we are more intentional about Lent thisContinue reading “So how is Lent going to be different this year?”