Announcing the Movable Feasts in a Liturgical Year

The proclamation of the date of Easter and the other moveable feasts on Epiphany dates from a time when calendars were not readily available. It was necessary to make known the date of Easter in advance, since many celebrations of the liturgical year depend on its date. The number of Sundays that follow Epiphany, the dateContinue reading “Announcing the Movable Feasts in a Liturgical Year”

Pope’s Intention for January

With all the excitement of the Christmas and New Years celebrations, it is easy to overlook the Pope’s intention for the month of January. This month it is an important one, it affects the foundation of our society, the rights and dignity of each and everyone. Here is his intention as printed in this month’sContinue reading “Pope’s Intention for January”

Receiving the Holy Eucharist

Over the past few years, You Tube and Facebook have blown up this issue, and as a result, has divided families, local parishes and the Catholic Church. Bottom line: We need to receive the Holy Eucharist in a State of Grace. Fr. Allen Alexander explains what Catholics need to consider when receiving the Eucharist onContinue reading “Receiving the Holy Eucharist”

So how would you describe a Catholic Deacon?

Pope: “Deacons are the guardians of service in the Church” Pope Francis on Saturday met a group of permanent deacons from Rome Diocese and spoke to them about their role, which he said is not a substitution for a priest or a bishop. By Robin Gomes “The generosity of a deacon who spends himself withoutContinue reading “So how would you describe a Catholic Deacon?”

COVID-19 Vaccines … are they the Mark of the Beast?

This post is a copy and paste from the Catholic Answers website. There’s a sea of misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccines, such as the claim that they are the mark of the beast discussed in Revelation 15. Jimmy Akin explains why this can’t be true. Transcript: Caller: My family has been telling me in the last month or so thatContinue reading “COVID-19 Vaccines … are they the Mark of the Beast?”

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

We are now officially into Holy Week. We have entered the city and are rejoicing that our King has arrive. ***Spoiler Alert*** things take a different turn, but the Good News is that by the same time next Sunday we will be rejoicing again. This Palm Sunday was a first for me, as a Deacon,Continue reading “Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord”