Hunger Awareness Challenge – Day #2

Day #2 – September 20th What types of conversations are you having with friends, family and co-workers about what you’re experiencing and the challenge you are doing? Typically, the conversations start off as explaining what the challenge is and the why, but it turns very quickly to the how. What foods do you have? ….Continue reading “Hunger Awareness Challenge – Day #2”

Agape Centre Hunger Awareness Challenge 2022 – Day #1

Day 1 – September 19thWhat motivated you to accept the challenge? We all have an idea that there is a food insecurity present in our world, country and community; we have been hearing about it since the 1980’s with the Live Aid and TV commercials. This programmed us to go on about our daily livesContinue reading “Agape Centre Hunger Awareness Challenge 2022 – Day #1”

Hunger Challenge 2022

Every year, The Agape Centre invites supporters to participate in the Hunger Awareness Challenge to bring awareness to the issue of hunger in our community. From September 19th to September 23rd, Deacon Guy will be taking on the 2022 Agape Hunger Awareness Challenge as well as fundraising for the Agape Centre foodbank while eating itemsContinue reading “Hunger Challenge 2022”

August 10th 2022 – 2nd Anniversary of Ordination

Today as I begin my day, I am reminded that this is a special day. Today I celebrate my 2nd anniversary of ordination.I am sure that for most men, as they enter into the life of a permanent deacon, they can feel overwhelmed. Luckily over the last two years, I think everyone has felt overwhelmedContinue reading “August 10th 2022 – 2nd Anniversary of Ordination”