Into the next Season…

We are one day into ordinary time … it is good to remember that ordinary is not boring. Ordinary time is ordered … this is where we see if there was an impact or progress from the previous celebratory season.
What was my attitude and my openness to God during Advent and the Christmas season?
Did I move deeper into or closer in my relationship with God?

Looking through some notes I made of an EKSB podcast a while back, points to how we are called to look at our Journey.

“… In JPII teachings, he wants to show a clear line between Kingdom-Church-Christ
Christ is the King, he brings the Kingdom – Church is the seed and sign, the anticipation instrument of the Kingdom – Church looks for its own ultimate fulfillment in the Kingdom.

So you can never separate the Church from the Kingdom, Church from Christ.

You can never separate the kingdom from Christ….. But we do….

be blessed


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